Premier Soccer Center, St. Gabriel, Louisiana

For the past few weeks I've been shooting a LOT of photos and video down at the Premier Soccer Center as the official in-house media guy.  All of the photos are for sale online, HERE ARE THE GALLERIES.  If you're interested in purchasing a DVD or BluRay copy of one of the games I've recorded, please EMAIL me.  They're $25 including sales tax and shipping.

Featured video: Moustache Ride vs. Fahrenheit, Men's Over-30 Winter Tournament Classic


Featured video: Cajuns vs. Happy Feet FS, 2-10-2011, Men's Div1 League Championship Match 



Featured video: Recess Renegades vs. The Crew, 2-8-2011, Men's Premier League Championship Game.


Featured video: Fresh Kicks vs. Gold Diggers, 2-7-2011, Women's Premier League Championship Game. 



Featured video:  Fahrenheit vs. Old School United, 2-2-2011, Men's Over 30 Championship Game.