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Feeds Annual Service Industry Kickball Tournament


Team Photos  Of the 45 teams, I believe I got about 38 team photos.

Week One Action and Candid Photos  498 photos, available for downlaod and purchase

Week Two Action and Candid Photos  1319 photos, available for download and purchase

The Service Industry Kickball Tournament has in just a few short years become a monumental annual event for the bartenders, cooks, servers, and other bar/restaurant staff in the Baton Rouge Area.  Taking place over two weekends, the double elimination kickball tournament pits restaurant against restaurant in alcohol fueled athletic competition. 

The first one was held in 2005 under the spectre of a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.  Hundreds braved the weather and turned out for the fun.  The first was held at a BREC park, but restrictions on alcohol and the increase in interest for the following year necessitated a move to the LSU-owned field next to Walk-On's, in the shadow of Tiger Stadium.  I have been there every year, dutifully taking pictures of the games and the shenanigans.

This year the kickball tournament was held at Cypress Hills Baseball Complex in BR.  The facility seemed custom made for an event like this.  Just awesome. puts on the event along with Umpires provided by the Red Stick Area Kickball association (yes, there is a kickball league in Baton Rouge, there's roller derby and belly dancing clubs too but that's another story).

I still have all of the kickball tournament photos posted.  Here's a list of the galleries - but be forewarned, it's about 3000 photos if you're looking for a particular person/team it could take you a while.

So what does this kind of sports photography have to do with your wedding photographer?  Pre-focusing.  Timing.  Framing and composition.  Hand-holding a long lens.  Shooting on the run.  Getting the shot.  It's actually a lot like taking pictures during a wedding, just with more hilarity and no tuxedos.  Very good training, indeed.