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What's in the bag?

The paintbrush does not create the masterpiece, it is merely the tool of the artist.  Fancy wrenches will not make you a good mechanic, and fancy cameras do not make a good photographer.  The skilled craftsmen in any trade got to be so from thousands of hours practicing their trade.  They know their tools inherently, and can easily acheive good results from lesser tools if necessary.  The reason experienced craftsmen buy highly specialized tools is largely for convenience.   Here's my tool list. 

Bodies - Sony A900, Sony A700;  Image stabilization is built into the camera.   (Previous bodies - Sony A100, Konica-Minolta 5D, Konica-Minolta 7D, Minolta Maxxum 5(film), Minolta HTSi (film))

Point and Shoot Cams - Canon G11, Apple iPhone 3Gs, Sony DSC-F828 (for digital infrared)

Batteries - a pile of Sony NP-FM500's, a pile of Duracell NiMH AA's and a handful of AAA's

Lenses - Sony/Zeiss 24-70 2.8, Konica-Minolta 17-35 2.8-4, Sony 70-200 2.8G, Minolta 70-210 4 (Beercan), Sony 50 1.4, Minolta 50 1.7, LensBaby 2.0, Sony 24-105 3.5-4.5, Sony 2.0x Teleconverter, Tamron 90 2.5 Macro, Minolta 35 1.4

Flashes - Sony HVL-F58AM, Sony HVL-F42AM (2), Sony HVL-F20AM, Minolta 5600 HS-D (old), Promaster FTD-7000M (older), 3x Promaster 300W/s studio heads

Flash Triggers (wireless) - PiXel Soldier.  3 Transimitters for Minolta/Sony hotshoe, 5 Receivers with Minolta/Sony hotshoe and plug for strobes.  Manual control only with grouping and a 200' range.

Flash Meter - Sekonic FlashMaster L-358.  I really wanted an old Minolta one, but this is modern tech and available with a warranty.

Light Modifiers - Two 2'x3' Promaster Softboxes, Shoot-thru and reflector umbrellas, 36" 5-in-1 reflector disk, HonlPhoto 8" Speed Snoot, LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer, LumiQuest Mini-Softbox, a rubbing alcohol bottle with the top cut off makes a pretty good diffuser for external flash.  On camera flash diffusers fashioned from old film canisters.

Tripod - Giottos GB1148 with Giottos MH7001 ballhead, Gorillapod SLR, Sony VCT80-AM (for video)

Camera Straps - Noah Camera Holster, BlackRapid RS-5, LowePro Transporter

Bags - Crumpler Brazillion Dollar House, LowePro Nova 5AW, Tamrac 5502, ThinkTank Digital Holster30, ProMaster backpack.  I really want to try Gura Gear, Kata, ThinkTank Airport Security2, and maybe the Shootsac.  A repurposed Army surplus messenger bag, and a golf club bag.  I'll never find the "perfect" one.

Video - Sony HDR-X500, Sony HDR-CX500  (they have identical lenses and backlit CMOS sensors, and record at 1080i AVCHD)

Raw Processing Software - Capture One Pro 6, Adobe Camera Raw 5.0

Pixel Level Editor - Adobe PhotoShop CS4, Corel PhotoPaint X4

Filter Plug-Ins - Imagenomics Portraiture2, Noiseware Professional v4.2, RealGrain v1.1; LucisArt 3ED/SE; Topaz Labs Adjust4, Clean2, DeNoise3, Detail2, Simplify2

Video Production - Sony Vegas Pro 10, Sony DVD Architect 10

Batch Processing - Microsoft/Phase One Expression Media 2, Adobe Bridge CS4

Page Layout - Corel Draw X4, Adobe InDesign CS4

Vector Drawing - Corel Draw X4

Offsite Backup - LiveDrive

Computers - Desktop: AMD Phenom X4 (2.8GHz), 8GB Ram, 4.5TB HDD's, nVidea 9800GT, Windows 7-64bit

                      Laptop: AMD Turion X2 (2.1Ghz), 4GB Ram, 500GB, ATI Radeon HD3200, Windows 7-64bit

                      Tablet: iPad WiFi, 32GB

Photo Printer - Sony UP-DR80 8" dye sublimation