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Feb232011 Trivia Night at Port Royal

Last Wednesday (February 16, 2011) was the 2nd anniversary of's "Let's Get Quizzical" team trivia night at Port Royal Lounge in Baton Rouge.  Mike asked me to bring my camera to catch some of the festivities, since that's the night my team plays.  We won the second game of ten questions.  Here's a few shots, more on my Facebook Gallery.  All "available light only" manually focused ISO5000 on the Sony A900 w/ Minolta 35 1.4.


Let's Bowl!

I had one photographic mission yesterday, but it turned into a completely different one.  That was to go to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans to do some lens comparisons between my 70-200 2.8 and much older 70-210 4.  Well, I walked around the zoo and got some nice images, to be posted later this week, and then drove back to Baton Rouge.

The craving hit me.  I want some chicken wings, and I want them from the Chimes East.  So I stopped in and ran into some friends who I don't normally find there.  They said, wanna go play Lazer Tag?  "I'll pass, my knees are still hurting from those soccer team photos two weekends back."  Well, we're going bowling later...  OH YES, COUNT ME IN.  My camera is coming in, too.

Spent most of the night running completely manual, about a third of the time utilizing "no-look" and zone focusing techniques.  When others offered to take my picture (while bowling) it baffled them, I guess they thought I was using some Live View mode or something.  Nope, I could do this with film, suckas!  Most of the shots were with my treasured old Minolta 35 1.4 (stabilized on the A900!).  I love this lens more every time I use it.


MonkeyBR Trivia Night 2-10-2011

Last night on my way home from the Soccer Center (another night shooting video) I decided to drop in on Mike from for "Let's Get Quizzical" trivia night at The Londoner Pub in Baton Rouge.  Since I had a camera with me, and my trivia team plays on Wednesday nights, I thought I'd go in and get some photos for them.  Here's a few, the rest are on my facebook page.  Feel free to "Like" the page, then you can tag yourselves in them!  These were all Sony A900 w/ Minolta 35 1.4 at ISO5000


Quick Soccer Portraits for Kids

If you haven't noticed, I've been spending a lot of time down at the Premier Soccer Center in St. Gabriel, LA, lately.  Last Sunday I went back down for two last team photos for a Boys U10 match which hadn't played the previous day (when I took 36 other team's photos).  Having driven all the way down there, I decided to set up a little portrait studio in the lobby to see if any of the younger kids playing (parents) wanted to get a soccer portrait made.  We didn't have a lot of takers, but there were a few - and certainly enough to prove the concept to me.  

This is definitely something that will be added to my product lineup, along with onsite printing.



2011 Miss Greater Baton Rouge Pageant Video

Yesterday I spent the day recording video of the Miss Greater Baton Rouge Pageant.  I am currently taking orders for the pageant videos and the interview videos (only contestants are eligible to receive the video of THEIR OWN interviews, these are intended for use as evaluation for future interviews).  Congratulations to all the new Queens!

Miss Capital City 2011 - Andrea Sonnier

Miss Capital City Outstanding Teen 2011 - Anna Kirksey

Miss Greater Baton Rouge Outstanding Teen 2011 - Lane Courvelle

Miss Capital City Teen Princess 2011 - Scarlet Britt

Junior Princess Miss Capital City 2011 - Morgan King

Junior Princess Miss Baton Rouge 2011 - Emmie Bryant

Fleur de Lis Princess - Kya Bolden

Fleur de Lis Princess - Farrah James

If you'd like to order a copy of the video, please print out THIS FORM, fill out the bottom half, and send it along with a check/money order through the mail as soon as possible.  Orders received after Feb 28 will be subject to an additional $10 charge.

Photographs of the pageant can be previewed and purchased from my friends at Family Focus Imaging and Gary Alford.

Here's an excerpt from the video, if you can watch it without grinning then you're probably a mean person.


Premier Soccer Center, Team Photos

This weekend I produced the official team photos for the first ever season at the Premier Soccer Center in St. Gabriel, LA.  This was a big event for me, in that I was able to show the printed photos to the kids parents in the second halves of the games and was able to get most of their prints done before the ends of the games!

The schedule was frenzied.  Games start every 45 minutes on Saturday, and last for 40 minutes each.  That means that to stay on schedule I had about one and a half minutes to pose and pop 2 photographs of each team on opposite ends of the field.  I hadn't run that much in a decade.  Then I had to get back to the lobby where I copied the RAW files to my computer, converted them to jpeg, and added the PSC logo and team name, then printed a few of each team - which I then carried into the viewing area to show the parents.  I did this by myself from 7am to about 2 pm, that's when my friend Tabitha arrived to help cover the front end.  She was a major major help out in the lobby, printing and taking additional orders.  (THANK YOU!)  We finally left at about 10pm.

So if you are one of the parents who I didn't get to talk with, or if you didn't get to purchase your team photo on Saturday, I still have a few extra prints left over.  Or, you can order reprints for drop shipment through my online fulfillment service.  HERE ARE YOUR TEAM PHOTOS



Premier Soccer Center

Big things are afoot at the brand new Premier Soccer Center down in St. Gabriel, LA.  I've been working with the crew down there to put together some photographic coverage of their indoor soccer games with some big plans for team photos (this weekend) and some video work on weeknights, for instant post game playback in HD at their snack bar.  We did the video for the first time on Tuesday, and it seemed to be a big hit with the adult teams - the guys stick around for an hour to have a beer and review their play.

For the past week or so I've been driving down there in my free time and trying to get some action photos.  Indoor soccer is different from outdoor soccer in that the ball can be played off of the boards, similar to hockey, the field is considerably smaller, and there's fewer players on the field at the same time.  This makes for a faster paced, and usually higher scoring game.  Premier Soccer Center has adult leagues playing 50 minute games on Monday thru Friday evenings, and 40 minute kids' games on Saturdays and Sundays.  With one field, they're running about 70 games per week!  Yikes!

Here's a few of my favorite action shots from the past week.  I'm shopping around for a video streaming service which will allow me to stream the entire 50 minute games in HD, so be on the lookout.

If you're interested in seeing the rest of this series, and purchasing prints/downloads of the action shots, you can find the galleries HERE.  Over a thousand images posted so far...