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Ryan Burney is a Portrait and Event Photographer located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  My studio is the one without walls, specifically I shoot most of my photography on location and outdoors.  Downtown BR has some outstanding public spaces, these along with the LSU campus are my favorite locations for portrait sessions.

What's with that crazy long name?

When asked why she named her novel, "The Fountainhead", Ayn Rand famously replied that "man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress." Her novel tells the story of a gifted architect named Howard Roark. Throughout his career, Howard consistently creates amazing buildings and designs for his own enjoyment.  His superb designs, however, are criticized by those around him who continue to do mediocre imitations of other classical designs. In her novel Ms. Rand teaches that the creativity of individuals, driven by ego (for money, power, recognition), is the source of all the technological, aesthetic, political, social, and scientific advancements in human history.  Her prevalent lesson in the novel is that whatever is popular or trendy is not necessarily good (the main reason I won't do selective color willingly). 

Philosophy through Photography

A is A.  The fundamental concept in objectivism is that things are as they are experienced.  In my photography my goal is to find the beauty, the emotion, the personality of the people I'm photographing.  I strive to depict my subjects with a casual style that is immediately approachable.  I tend to not use elaborate lighting setups or wild post processing, as I believe one detracts from the spontaneity of the session and the other is sometimes a crutch.  In that sense I consider my style classical portaitist crossed with documentarian.  I'm a huge fan of shooting with "available light", but will break out the flash kit when necessary.  On the other hand, the images being shot are for you, and we all experience art and images in different ways.  You are the final judge and I'll work hard to make the images that YOU will love.

About Me

The first camera I can remember owning was a 1960's vintage Canonette that I received as a gift back in eigth grade (1987 or so).  I used it for a few years, but quickly realized how expensive photography would be to pursue seriously, so I waited until I'd finished engineering school to try again.  I really began my independent study of photography in the waning days of film eleven years later, purchasing my first 35mm SLR camera in 1998. Since then I treated photography as my expensive hobby, concentrating on wildlife and landscape. Portraiture later took over as a passion as friends and family drafted me into the service. I was excited to complete my transition to digital in 2004, merging the process with my other expensive hobby - computers. The instant feedback and relatively low cost per image of digital allowed my skills to rapidly progress.

Taking photographs for me is all about play.  Experimenting with techniques, trying different gear, exploring old processes.  When I'm not working on a particular event, I'm thinking about, reading, and shooting just for the pure joy of it.  I love working with low-fi lenses like the LensBaby and pinholes, and have recently started working with film again.  I'm digging the way this is going, I have plans to equip out my darkroom and learn to hand process my own B&W, experiment with salt printing, and ultimately add those to my product offerings.

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I provide onsite photography services in the area and beyond.  I'm currently concentrating on personal work, and have begun the process of moving down the road to Lake Charles, LA where I eventually hope to set up home and shop.