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Baton Rouge Pageants 2011


Previous Baton Rouge Pageants that I've covered:

The 2011 Miss Greater Baton Rouge Pageant was held February 5, 2011 at Woodlawn High School.  I am currently editing the pageant video, if you'd like a copy on DVD, fill out this FORM and send me some money.  Photographers for the pageant were Family Focus Imaging and Gary Alford.

The 2010 Miss Baton Rouge, Teen, Mrs, Ms Pageant was held on July 17, 2010 at the Episcopal High School Performing Arts Theater.

Congratulations to the new queens!

  • Miss Baton Rouge 2010 - Heather Gonzales
  • Teen Miss Baton Rouge 2010 - Olivia Ruby
  • Mrs. Baton Rouge 2010 - Jasmin Newsome

It has been my honor to be the official photographer of the Miss Baton Rouge, Teen, Ms., and Mrs. Pageants since 2007 (four years running).  This year I handled both the photos and the event videos for contestants.  Beyond the photography I am not affiliated with the pageant, but if you want the photos and video - that I can help you with.  Please see links below for access to the photos for my previous pageant work.

The 2010 Mrs. Louisiana Pageant was held June 6, 2010 in the evening, at Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge.  I am selling video and photo DVD's of the event.  You can e-mail or call me directly for ordering and payment information.  If you lost your order form and need another one, HERE IT IS.

Photos from the 2006 Miss Baton Rouge Pageant  (I was there to help with video, and when one cam went down I switched to my still camera.  Another photographer was there handling official photo duty.)


When I get any more public information I'll make sure to update this page.  Created by Ryan 2-21-2010.  Updated 2-7-2011.